Welcome to Laser Pain Relief Centers of America. Safe, Effective and Affordable Pain Relief.

We are drug free, needle free, non surgical Pain Relief centers with locations in Traverse City and Plymouth, Michigan.  Our centers utilize all natural High Intensity, Deep Tissue, Near Infrared Photobiomodulation Therapy or PBMt. Unlike surgical/medical lasers which are designed to cut and destroy tissue, our therapy machines convert laser light into a Therapeutic beam of divergent, High Intensity, Near Infrared light, designed to safely and gently deliver the pain and inflammation relieving power of Photons to deep tissue structures, aiding your body’s own response to pain and inflammation.  Our therapy represents the latest breakthrough in laser technology and is clinically proven superior to old fashioned technology, often referred to as lllt, cold laser therapy or low level laser therapy. These older style Lasers require direct contact with your skin and significantly longer treatment times to provide relief. Our Laser Therapy Devices can safely and effectively eliminate your pain and inflammation caused by numerous acute and chronic complaints without contacting your skin and with much shorter treatment sessions. Laser Pain Relief Center’s Unique, High Intensity, Deep Tissue Laser Therapy is perfect for naturally and safely eliminating pain and inflammation caused by low back pain, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, knee pain, muscle aches/strains, ligament sprains, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, sciatic pain, arthritis and more.

Our relaxing, contact free therapy is truly pain free! Unlike Surgical Intervention, Painful Injections or Pharmaceutical Therapies, High Intensity, Deep Tissue Therapy is virtually side-effect free. Unlike injections and prescriptions, many of which just mask symptoms and do nothing to address the underlying issue, Laser Pain Relief therapy reduces inflammation, increases blood flow, stimulates tissue growth, and helps aid the body’s own healing process. Some of our clients report feeling relief after their first therapy session, with most noticing significant relief after their 3rd or 4th visit and lasting relief can be obtained in 8 to 12 visits depending on condition and severity.  Our Advanced Laser Therapy Devices improve upon the proven principles of photobiomodulation, delivering High Intensity, Deep Tissue penetrating photons which stimulate the enzyme cytochrome c oxidase on the mitochondrial membrane in your cells. This action begins a healing cascade of numerous cellular functions, including the production of adenosine triphosphate, boosting DNA and RNA production, suppressing pain receptors, stimulating nerve regeneration, muscle relaxation and immune system response, activating the lymphatic system, activating stem cells proliferation, reducing fibrous tissue formation and releasing endorphins. PBMt also results in activation of signaling pathways and transcription factors resulting in increased expression of genes related to protein synthesis, cell migration and proliferation, anti-inflammatory signaling, anti-apoptotic protein and antioxidant enzymes.  Professional athletes receive PBMt to heal faster, to recover quickly from ligament sprains, muscle strains and to even enhance recovery from surgery.

Our High Power, Deep Tissue Therapy has been shown to be a safe and effective treatment for pain and inflammation in hundreds of clinical studies published in reputable journals worldwide. Laser Pain Relief Centers of America now makes this exciting and effective therapy available to all! Our Centers use High Power, Deep Tissue Therapy machines cleared for use to eliminate pain and inflammation by the FDA.  Don’t be fooled by centers that are marketing “High Power” or “Class IV laser therapy”, these centers typically use a machine that can only deliver up to 25 Watts split between 4 wavelengths, for an effective maximum dose of 6.25 Watts per wavelength.  If the center is offering Low Level therapy or LLLT, these machines operate at extremely low wattages maxing out at 0.5 Watts or the light equivalent of a Christmas tree light bulb. To deliver the same dose as our Therapy, you would need to receive 13 hours of continuous therapy by these low power, short wavelength machines. These lower power, shorter wavelength machines also do not have the ability to penetrate through your skin, meaning they are ineffective devices for deep tissue issues and therapy with these lasers also require direct contact with your skin, increasing the risk of cross contamination between patients. These machines also do not create therapeutic heat, which is proven to enhance the pain relief capabilities of our High Intensity, Deep Tissue Therapy.  All laser therapy is not created equal and effective laser therapy is clinically proven to be dose dependent, only machines delivering 15 Watts per wavelength and above can deliver enough dose while generating therapeutic heat to provide significant and lasting pain relief.