What types of pain can be we help?

High Power Laser Therapy is very effective at eliminating pain and inflammation caused by numerous complaints. Whether you have an acute injury from a weekend activity or have been suffering with chronic pain for years, chances are High Power Laser Therapy will work for you. High Power Laser Therapy is FDA cleared and proven through hundreds of published studies to be effective at eliminating pain and inflammation. Please call us to find out if High Power Laser Therapy is effective for your issue..

Does my insurance cover High Power Laser Therapy?

Unfortunately, Insurance does not cover Laser Therapy at this time. The pharmaceutical lobby has been effective at preventing effective alternative, non-medical therapies, like High Power Laser Therapy, from gaining insurance coverage.

Do you offer Therapy discounts?

Yes! We offer several packages designed around numerous complaints requiring multiple therapies to garner effective results. Most people will begin to experience relief within the first three therapies, so we offer a starter pack of three visits so your can see how well laser works for you without having to commit to a large upfront purchase, like many other centers require.  Depending on your complaint, you can choose from a package of 3 to 20 visits, with the cost per visit reduced to less than $55.00 per visit for our larger packages.

What should I wear for therapy?

High Power Laser Therapy needs to be given directly over skin, so please wear loose fitting clothing that will allow for easy access to your therapy area. Also, please do not wear lotion, creams or perfumes as these can cause damage to the laser treatment hand piece.

How do I make payments?

We accept payment via check, cash, or a major credit card. Apple Pay is preferred.

If I purchase a treatment package, will it expire?

If you purchase a discounted therapy package directly from Laser Pain Relief Centers of America, your unused therapy sessions will expire nine months from the date of purchase.

Do you offer services besides High Power Laser Therapy?

We offer a free gait analysis at some locations that can help determine if you may have a gait abnormality that could be an underlying cause of many chronic pain complaints, including, knee, hip and back pain. If you do have an issue that can be corrected with custom foot orthotics, we offer our custom made orthotics at a significant savings over other area providers, often half the cost or less!

How do I make an appointment?

Scheduling your own appointment has never been easier! Simply Click on the location nearest you to see the appropriate contact information. Many of our locations allow to book your own appointments online easily by clicking the Schedule an Appointment now link featured on their locations page.

How often can I get a therapy?

While you can not “overdose” on laser therapy, it is beneficial to spread out the therapies. If you have a severe, chronic issue, you can receive two therapies in one calendar day, but most clients will do well scheduling therapies  a few days apart. A typical therapy schedule is M-W-F for two to three weeks, then M-W or T-Th for a few more weeks.

What is your community involvement?

As a center that specializes in pain relief without the use of drugs or needles, we feel strongly about helping people avoid the dangers of opioid pain killers and with that goal in mind, we are currently working with area providers and organizations to help people find meaningful alternatives for pain management.

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